We Truly Care About Your Health

Medic is your one stop shop for all Medical Services. Our vision is to provide your healthcare needs at your finger tip and to make looking up all medical services a breeze. We are starting out with delivering your medicine at your door step, as easy, accurately and quickly as possible. We will keep track of your medicine orders, prescriptions, and history for your future orders. Stay tuned for more!

Our Features

Add | Review | Checkout

With three simple steps, you are getting the right medicine at the right time. You can look up your medicine from our category list and add to your cart. One of our team of professional pharmacists will be reviewing your order and you are ready to Checkout!

Scan your Prescription

Not sure what’s your medicine’s name? We’ve got your back! Just scan your prescription or upload your medicine image and we will look it up for you.

Am I looking for the right Medicine?

Not sure if its the right medicine? We uploaded 4000+ images of medicine to make sure you are ordering the right one!

Search by Category

Once you sign-in you will be directed to our landing page with a list of all possible categories you are looking for. Browse through the categories to make sure you are ordering the right medicine!

Arabic & English Database

“Minophylline?? is that even a name?” Unfortunately medicine names is hard to spell so we made sure to include medicine names in Arabic and English so you have the choice to search in either language with minimal letters to use